Friday, August 15, 2008

The Hazards of Book Research

I am working on a new women’s fiction manuscript where the main character is a professional baker. I interviewed a very nice baker who gave me lots of great information. After turning to television and the internet for more info, I have decided one thing. I’ve made a big mistake!

I can’t watch episodes of Ace of Cakes on the Food Network (which comes on at 9pm my time) and view sites with beautiful creations from Sugar Art Shows without being hungry. All. The. Time.

I’m not sure who the main character will be in my next book, maybe a teacher, lawyer, or librarian. But no bakers, chefs, and definitely no candy makers.

For fans of cake baking or the boy wizard, check out this video of Chef Duff’s cake at a Harry Potter premier.


Writer and Cat said...

I don't know. Those crazy cakes don't even look edible! But I'm still hungry all the time, without watching much :).

Shauna Roberts said...

Actually, it may turn out well. When Carleen Brice at does promotional appearances for her book Orange Mint and Honey, she is often feasted with foods containing orange mint and honey. Maybe you'll get cakes!

Rae Ann Parker said...

Hmmm, cake is always welcome. But it may require more exercise. :)

cs harris said...

I remember watching a Sandra Bullock movie in which she was eating cake CONSTANTLY (Two Weeks Notice? Twenty Eight Days?) As soon as it was over, my daughters and I went in the kitchen and baked a cake!

Rae Ann Parker said...

CANDY, that sounds like a fun girl's evening.