Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I’m blowing the dust off of this blog to wish you all a Happy Halloween. Please excuse the coughing. I know it’s a thick layer of dust. As a kid, Halloween was my favorite holiday. 2 reasons. #1: CANDY! #2: it’s the day before my birthday. So Halloween was always like my own personal version of Christmas Eve.

There is a photo on my desk of my brother and me wearing Halloween costumes. Judging by the hair sticking out of my mask, I think I was in the 1st grade and he was in preschool. I’m a tall-for-my-age pink rabbit with big ears and he’s Caspar the friendly ghost. The masks have big smiles on them and I bet ours matched underneath. After all, we were about to be unleashed on unlimited candy for the evening.

Tonight my costume will consist of a “Happy Halloween” shirt, a skirt, and my orange & black striped tights. I will grab a few mini chocolate bars from the candy bowl when the giant hot dog in charge of candy distribution isn’t looking. But it’s okay, because I bought extra.

Enjoy your evening.