Friday, September 5, 2008

Girl Books

In the interest of equal time, after last week’s blog on Boy Books, here is a post on Girl Books. Girls tend to read across the spectrum, books that appeal to both boys and girls. I guess a Girl Book is one that appeals primarily to female readers.

A book with both male and female main characters may appeal to primarily girls due to the relationship aspects of the book. Not necessarily romance, but books with friendship as a theme.

A bookseller recently told me that middle school girls are asking for middle grade romance books. An elementary school librarian told me this week that many of her female students gravitate to the animal books and the classic, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, is a favorite.

Some favorite girl books per an informal poll:
For Middle Grade readers:
Judy Blume books
Kate DiCamillo’s Because of Winn Dixie

For Young Adult readers:
Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series
Ann Brashares’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series

For the 2007 summary of Accelerated Reader books read by students click here. Section 1 separates books read by gender.

On a side note: As I mentioned in my second blog post, I gave my daughter my treasured boxed set of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series. My child read one book and part of another before putting them aside. Recently I mentioned the popularity of the stage adaptation of the books. During the discussion, my daughter burst out with, “You mean they were real people?” Since she found out the Ingalls family were indeed real, she is plowing through the books and enjoying them. So I must add that some girls also like historical fiction and biographies.


Writer and Cat said...

Middle school is what age?? Are we supposed to encourage kids of that age to have romances?

Dana said...

Elementary aged girls also like reading about real girls. Check out a chapter book series called the TOMGIRLZ... The books are funny and keep children reading, but are about issues pertaining to friendship, spirit, and being true to yourself. or see a site created by the inspiration for the main character at

Rae Ann Parker said...

Middle school is generally 6th-8th grade, in some regions including 5th or even 9th grade. Middle school romances would be books that have elements that mimic the "going together" relationships that take place in middle schools (as I understand it). But not necessarily the main focus of the book.

DANA, thanks for stopping by.

Shauna Roberts said...

At that age, two of my nieces were very into fantasy and historical fiction (particularly about queens). Both particularly wanted female protagonists. I'm not sure what my nieces who are in that age group now like; I tend to give them historical fiction starring girls.

As an aunt, I see my duty as opening up the world to them by exposing them to life in other cultures and times.

Rae Ann Parker said...

SHAUNA, it sounds like you are a great aunt. It is always fun to share books and book recommendations with friends and family.