Friday, October 3, 2008

Conference Report

After the SCBWI-Midsouth conference, I was away on vacation for a week (more on that later). Finally, I have a report on the conference.

Over 100 people from ten states attended the regional conference in Nashville. It was great to reconnect with other writers and meet new people.

The highlight of the conference was hearing Bruce Coville give the keynote address and attending his workshop on writing fantasy. I certainly hope some of that great info seeps into my brain and pours out through my fingers onto the keyboard. During his workshop, he mentioned the importance of humor and secondary characters. This is something I have been trying to layer into my work as I discussed before on this blog. It is always interesting to see how good storytelling techniques translate across different genres of writing.

Picture book author, Alexis O’Neill, did a great workshop on getting published without an agent. It was very well attended by many of the agent-less writers trying to sell our work.

First page critiques by faculty editors, Amalia Ellison and Harold Underdown, were very popular. Unfortunately, my page was not pulled from the box for a public reading. This is a sure sign that I want feedback, if I am disappointed that my anonymous writing was not read aloud to an auditorium full of people to be dissected (in a very nice way).

Next week: tales from my travels.


Annie Solomon said...

Conference sounds good. It would be fun to go to a conference at which I have nothing to lose (or gain)!

Rae Ann Parker said...

Hi Annie. Thanks for stopping by. This was definitely a low-stress conference, which is always good.

Shauna Roberts said...

That's great to have a conference so close to you. Sounds useful and perhaps inspiring?

Rae Ann Parker said...

SHAUNA, my critique group was able to attend the conference together and it was a real shot in the arm to the whole group. We have evern revised our meeting schedule to meet more often. So yes, very inspiring.