Friday, April 10, 2009

Reality TV in Music City

Tuesday night, DH and I attended the taping of Season Two’s first episode of Country Music Television’s show, Can You Duet? Think American Idol, but with duos. We were free for the evening in Nashville. We had to go out and hear some live music, so why not take the opportunity to be part of a TV audience? You never know when this experience might be called on for research purposes.

Can You Duet? is being taped at the famous Wildhorse Saloon, a three-story warehouse turned restaurant/club/TV studio. The venue has been the host to over 4,000 TV shows. If you are writing a story about reality TV, the music business, Nashville, or anything remotely related, get down to the Wildhorse any Tuesday this month. You might be inspired, but you’ll definitely enjoy the show.

(Lance Smith, host & house band, Sixwire, warming up the crowd.)


Shauna Roberts said...

That sounds like fun . . . assuming the duet singers could actually sing. Don't the TV producers sometimes choose people with bad voices as cruel comic relief?

Rae Ann Parker said...

This was a very small group selected for the competition, so they could actually sing and were very talented. I'm sure on the pre-show competition where there was no audience there was a wide range of talent. Let's just say they could all sing waaayyyy better than me. I probably could have provided the comic relief.