Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Reading Lists

Some of my favorite summer memories from childhood include the public library. I still enjoy perusing summer reading lists, which I consider to be a gold mine of new books and authors for me to try.

The 2009 summer reading lists are out. Click here to see the Top 10 Summer reading Lists for Kids and Teens.

If kid lit is not your thing, Romance Writers of America’s website lists the current romance novels released each month.

How do you choose which books you’re going to read?
A. Reading Lists/Bestseller Lists
B. Friend recommendations
C. Bookstore/Library browsing
D. All of the Above


Alli said...

Um, my answer sort of looks like a math problem. D - A + blog-hopping = my reading list. I don't really go by best-sellers because, sometimes the people who buy those just don't know what they are talking about :) I'd say the larger portion of my reads come from blog-hopping. I link around from various writers' blogs, and they'll often post their latest "find" or review a book. And writers really know what to read, ya know? :)

Writer and Cat said...

Whatever I can get onto my Sony ereader.

Tom said...

I remember as a kid during summer, one of the things I looked forward to was the Bookmobile showing up, which was a mobile library. My reading list usually involves whatever like minded friends recommend. So far, it has been a successful recipe.

Shauna Roberts said...

I try to buy everything my friends publish. Beyond that, there are some mystery series that I buy every book in. I buy books that I read about on other people's blogs that sound interesting, and I buy books when browsing at bookstores, particularly books with pretty covers. I rarely look at bestseller or reading lists or at prize lists either.

Rae Ann Parker said...

ALLI: I find good reads from blogs, too. And yes, writers really do know what to read!

JODY, aka Writer & Cat: I want my own e-reader! Those little machines are so cool.

TOM: That is really cool that you checked out books from the Bookmobile! I missed out on that adventure, but remember seeing the bookmobile parked outside our public library when I was a kid. I always wondered if they were keeping some extra special books inside and wanted to look at the stash.

SHAUNA: I occasionally buy a book based on the cover alone. Sometimes the cover really grabs my attention and if the storyline is to my taste, I can't put the book back on the shelf. I guess that's why so much thought goes into the cover art.