Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RWA Conference

The 30th annual Romance Writers of America conference starts tomorrow in Orlando, Florida. I’ll be there along with 2,000 other romance writers. I look forward to the workshops, seeing old friends, and meeting some new ones in the Young Adult RWA chapter.

I’ll post more info here later. You can also follow along on my twitter feed here.


Lori said...

Hey Rae Ann, Trish, my daughter in law, and I met you at the conference. I'm slowly making my rounds to everyone's blogs and websites just as I promised. This will be my second attempt at yours. I seem to be having problems, so if you get two from me, I apologize. Great meeting you at RWA.
Lori Leger ~ Cajunflair

Rae Ann Parker said...

Hi Lori! It was great to meet you & Trish at the conference. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. And hope to see you next year in NY.

Parthenon said...
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