Friday, March 20, 2009

Tea at the Hermitage Hotel

I am a big fan of afternoon tea. Last week, DH and I had tea at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville. Before our visit, the Hermitage Hotel brought two facts to my mind: #1: the Olsen twins celebrated their birthday at the hotel last year during a trip to the Bonnaroo Music Festival and #2: the hotel has a famous men’s bathroom voted “America’s Best Restroom” in 2008. Women sneak into the Art-Deco themed restroom downstairs when the coast is clear just to see it. And yes, so did I. Now I know the hotel is also known for its afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea at the Hermitage is on the “125 Things to Do in Nashville Before You Die” list compiled by the Nashville Scene. The Parker family, being transplants to Nashville for only a year and a half now, are working down the list to get to know our new town. Plus, we really like lists.

A few facts about the Hermitage Hotel:
Named after Andrew Jackson’s estate, the Hermitage.
Nashville’s first million-dollar hotel.
Visitors have included presidents, actors, and gangsters.
Both pro & anti-suffrage activists met here.
They serve a very fine cup of tea!


Tom said...

Never saw the Hermitage while I was in Nashville. Probably a good thing since I'm sure it would have been added to the 'places I have been thrown out of' list. We were a rough bunch back then. Looks like a nice joint.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are seriously roughing it :-) I also loved "taking tea" when I live in Switzerland. You should check out the Beaurivage in Lausanne :-)

Rae Ann Parker said...

TOM: If you & your family make it to Nashville, I'll show you the sights. But it doesn't have to include tea.

KIT: I'm sure Switzerland was lovely. I would love to hear more about it on your blog.